Why is gambling on qiu qiu online so popular in Asia?

If you have gambled in any Asia-based online casinos, you have probably seen the Indonesian game qiu qiu. If you have entered any of the qiu qiu games, you will likely have seen many players with Asian sounding names playing it.

Why is playing qiu qiu online so popular with Asians, and why do they gamble on it so much? For reasons you may not have ever thought about.

A family tradition — Qiu qiu has been popular with people in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and various other Asian countries for many years. It has become a very popular online game in recent years due to so many Asians playing it.

This is primarily due to people having watched their parents, aunts and uncles and other family members playing the game as they grew up. That has helped them to understand how to play it well.

When they then get on situs judi online to gamble themselves, qiu qiu online is one of the games they immediately gravitate towards as it is familiar to them.

Its similarity to pai gow — The popular Chinese domino game pai gow is similar to qiu qiu. This often means hundreds of thousands of Asian players have already played pai gow offline. Some for as long as they can remember.

When they get online, discover qiu qiu, and realize it is similar to their beloved pai gow, they then become converts to the Indonesian game.

Mathematics and critical thinking — There is a strong emphasis on math and critical thinking skills in many schools in Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Playing qiu qiu requires both excellent math and critical thinking skills, so it tends to be a game those that are strong in these two skills gravitate towards.

The game has spread to many online casinos — Just like anyone else, Asian gamblers enjoy playing the games everyone else seems to be playing.

As qiu qiu became popular at a handful of online casinos, it spread to others on the Internet that also wanted to be offering the latest trend. This opened up the game to even more players from Asia, and gave them a way to play the game.

Is qiu qiu online likely to stay popular and should you play it? — With millions of Asian gamblers regularly playing qiu qiu online, is it likely to remain a popular game?

There really is no reason why it would not. Nor any reason why you could not learn the basics of the game and play it yourself.

After all, the rules are quite simple, the game is easy to pick up but difficult to master, and it is interesting and fun to play.

With tens of thousands of Asian players playing qiu qiu at any one time, you would also never be short of a game to join.