When Should You Push All In When Playing Tournaments in Online Poker

Knowing when to push all-in when playing tournaments in online poker can make all the difference in you just making the money or getting closer to the top of the leader-board. The higher you climb after reaching the bubble, the bigger your prize money soars.


Here are some of the ideal times when to push all-in when playing tournaments in online poker;


Early in the poker tournament, it is important to push all-in to get some distance form the bottom of the chip lead. Very early in the game, there will be some reckless players who are pushing all-in every hand just to try and double-up high enough so they can sit back with the chip lead and wait for the tournament to come to them. These players don’t care if they bust, they will either buy back in or go to another tournament. If you see a player pushing all-in hand after hand, you can wait until you get a monster and them push all your chips in too. Chances are they have junk, so in the majority of cases your will double up easily. More on: http://389poker.site/


Now that you have a little cushion, you have to be very careful from here out pushing all-in. Don’t try to bluff at the pot in the hopes to double up because many players slow-play the nuts until someone steps in the trap. If you are dealt a great hand and you have plenty of people in the hand, now is the time to slow-play your hand and hope someone else takes the bait. It doesn’t matter if you have to wait to the river, if that person missed their flush or straight but wants to risk their chips, they may bluff. Then you push back with all your chips and win an easy pot and knock them out of the game.


Now that we are at the bubble, those barely clinging to the money line are playing tighter than ever. The blinds are huge now, so if you are isolated with a person clinging to their chips, push all-in, they will fold, and you rake small pots. This can be done right up until the bubble bursts and everyone is in the money.


Now after the bubble, all those little chip stacks will be pushing all-in because they are just happy to have made some money. Sit back and let them wipe each other out until you catch a monster. Lay in the weeds for a few rounds until they jump for the pot. This is when you push all-in after the bubble. As you get closer to the top of the money board, you only push all-in with the best hands and let other knock each other around.


Now you know when to push all-in when playing tournaments in online poker. It might be scary to put your tournament life on the line pushing all your chips in the middle, but these instances will allow you the best chance to get others to fold and you scoop valuable chips.