Online Bingo: The Cyber Reinvention of A Timeless Game

Online Bingo: The Cyber Reinvention of A Timeless Game

For those who have gone to the local community or church hall to play bingo, the game isn’t complicated. Each player has a certain number of cards, numbers are called, and players mark their cards hoping to simulate the pattern that is being played. Terms like “Straight Bingo”, “Cover All”, “Four Corners” etc. are self-explanatory. Still, the game has always been a draw due to the elusive luck factor, the need to pay attention, and of course, the characters who show up to play. With the advent of Online Bingo, people no longer need to leave home to enjoy the fun of playing this timeless game. There are, however, some important things to know before logging onto an Online Bingo game.

Online Bingo Sites

Typing in “Bingo Online” brings up a myriad number of sites. Try a few free sites before entering paid games to get the feel of playing online. Just like walking into a bingo hall with your two feet, be careful where you go electronically. Check online for reviews of Bingo play websites before entering. Logging on requires a username and password, as well as an email address in most cases. It’s wise to not use your full name as your username. A nickname will suffice. For sites that have paid entry be sure that the server is secure before putting in credit card or Paypal account information. The cards and the daubers are all virtual, so players can just click on the mouse and enjoy playing without messy markers or chips.

Chatters and The Silent Type

Each online Bingo room has a “character” of its own. Some games are full of chatty folks, many of whom are regulars who play there all the time. The good news is that for those who like to socialize during play there will be no shortage of people there to engage. Talking during play can be fun; however, beware the fishers who try to get personal information such as passwords. The chat usually has an “ignore” button to block any user and any inappropriate behavior should be reported to the webmaster.

Don’t Blame the Caller

As is the case in a physical Bingo game, the caller has no control of what numbers come up. This is particularly true in Online Bingo as the random “balls” are chosen by the computer. Don’t heckle the caller in the chat box. As in traditional games, it shows a lack of class.

Calling the Bingo

Nothing slows down a game like calling “Bingo” when it’s not. Be prepared to take heat in the chatroom if you do it more than once. Those who continually disrupt the game will be virtually kicked out. If you do have a Bingo, hit the electronic “Bingo” button immediately.

Have Fun!

Having fun, meeting new people, and enjoying the thrill of winning is what Online Bingo is all about. By following the above tips, playing should be a happy experience. Good Luck!