How to bluff correctly when playing online poker

If you are a newbie at online poker and looking for some help at bluffing, these tips should help you navigate the world of bluffing when you cannot see your opponents’ faces.


Bluff at a tight table — Interestingly, you will do much better if you avoid bluffing when everyone at your current table is playing a loose game and wait till it tightens up. Online bluffs tend to be far more successful at a tight table as people are much less likely to call you on your bluff.


Study your opponents — While you cannot see your opponents’ faces, you can still learn a lot about them and their bluffing skills by taking notes about their gameplay. You can also check the hand history at that particular table to find out how their bluffs stacked up to their actual cards.


People who bluff a lot when they are holding a poor hand will often bluff again in a similar situation. When they do, you can call them on it.


Watch for loose cannons — At many of the online poker games you play, you will come across players that should be thought of as loose canons. These are the players that are not steady when they play, could pretty much go for any strategy and are far more likely to call out a bluffing player.


If you have one or more of these at your table, avoid bluffing. After all, these people are the ones that are likely to call you on yours.


Avoid bluffing at full tables — Bluffing is never a good idea online when you have a full table as that leaves too many people that may raise your bluff.


Instead, play a pretty straight game until at least half the table has folded. Then you will have more of a chance of being successful with your bluff.


Create an image as a strong player — One of the interesting things about playingpoker online is the stronger your gameplay and image, the less likely it is that anyone at the table will raise your bluff.


This is because if you are only seen to play good hands in past games, most of the table will assume that is what you are doing now. Even if you have a poor hand and are bluffing.


Work on your image right at the beginning of the game, and you may just find you get away with more bluffs at the end of it.


Bluffing correctly when playing online poker is not that much more difficult than bluffing in a live poker game. Just take it steady, cultivate a strong image and do not bluff when there are too many people at your table that may not believe you.


At the same time, keep an eye on your opponents so you can tell when they are bluffing too.