Best Way to Become Better at Online Poker

Follow these tips to become a better online poker player.


Avoiding Distractions Around You

Many new online poker players will tell you how much they love not having to sit across the table from real players in a casino who bully them with their words or actions. It is not a good feeling when you are across the table from a guy staring you down or calling you names each hand. Playing online is easier, but you can get distracted too easily as well. Get comfortable, then log into your online poker account after you have turned off the TV, gotten off social media, and stopped chatting on the phone.


Playing Tight and Aggressive

One of the easiest ways to build a bankroll at the online poker rooms is to mix up your betting style frequently. To do this, you need to alternate between tight and aggressive play each session. So for example, one round you are going to fold almost everything, always check, and never call big raises. The next round, you will raise the blinds, check-raise, and push all-in on the river when a draw gets there.


Choosing the Right Table Limits

When you think you are doing everything right at the online poker tables but you just can not seem to build your bankroll, there is one other thing you may want to take a look at. Even the best players at the online poker sites will tell you that you need to be at the right tables to win money, so start there. Look at the size of your chip stack compared to the limit at the table. If you have a few hundred bucks and are seated at the no limit high stakes table, you are going to eventually hit zero when that bad beat finds you. Drop to lower limits and play there instead.


Learning to Bluff More Often

One of the things you need to focus on if your goal is to start building your bankroll at the online poker site like tunaspoker is bluffing at key moments. If you have eliminated distractions from your game, then you are already spotting weak players based on their patterns. This means you know they fold before the flop to raises, so you push them off of their blinds and add to your chip stack. While they wait for premium hands, you’re grinding for smaller pots and building your bankroll steadily.


Switching Up Your Betting Patterns

One of the easiest ways to build your bankroll by playing poker online is to simply look for weaker players making the mistake of betting in patterns. This also means if you are doing this without realizing, other players have been picking apart your chip stack day after day. Even though you are comfortable, you should not get too cozy to where you are folding to the same raises, checking to the same hands, or raising when you caught on the river. Mixing up bets and amounts will keep the better payers from targeting you.


These online poker playing tips will have you exploding your bankroll in no time.