Some of the Best Tips for Online Poker

One thing about weak players at the online poker tables is that there is no shortage of them to select from. In fact, with thousands upon thousands of players becoming of legal age to gamble every day, it is no wonder these poker sites see a rush of new blood each week. Don’t feel bad going after these players because we all were new at one point and we all had to take our lumps and learn things the hard way by taking bad beats and being bullied off pots.

Here are a few of the ways that you can start pushing other players around the poker tables.

Stealing the Blinds

Keep an eye on the blinds whenever you are playing at the poker tables because the weaker players are going to be easy to spot. No matter what amount you raise before the flop, if these weaker players are in the blinds, they will fold. The only time they will call is if they have a decent hand or they are tired of being bullied, but drop a huge continuation bet after the flop and they will scamper away quietly.

The Power of the Ace

No matter what type of hand the weaker players have, if an ace hit the board, they get nervous. If they have pocket kings, queens, or jacks, they think they are dead. If they have an ace with a small card, they immediately think you have them dominated. Drop a big bet after the ace hits and they will fold their hand instead of trying to beat a hand they think is dominated.

The River Rat

Just like how the ace scares most of the players at the table, so does the suck out on the river. Pay attention to when the bettor is making bets but not too costly you can hang around. Do the same on the river when a draw catches, they will fold their poker chips every time thinking you sucked out. The way to tell is when they check the river once the draw has been made. The majority of the time if the bet is big enough, they will simply let the hand go.

The Auto Features

Most agen poker online sites now make it easier for players by including auto button you can use to fold a hand while you are stuck waiting for slow players. Avoid these buttons at all costs. One thing that you have to remember is you may be getting impatient, so you think to click the call button when the original bettor drops a $1 bet. You hit that button the second the guy in front of you just raised the pot $20. Now you are calling $21 bet that you didn’t even realize until too late.

If you stick to a plan and push around these weak online poker players, you will never run out of players to dominate and your bankroll will start moving in a positive direction steadily.